Watch Repair

Watch Repair for San Antonio, TX

Medlars Jewel Masters offers professional, comprehensive watch repair services from our San Antonio location. Regular maintenance and repair is important to keep your watch running, especially in the case of expensive high-end watches - though it is beneficial to seek professional service for any type of watch repair. Watches are made up of hundreds of tiny, delicate parts, all working together to power your watch. If your timepiece stops working, it often is a matter of replacing a specific part or mechanism; a watch repair professional has the experience and knowledge necessary to diagnose the problem, then replace or service the necessary part without causing damage. A watch repair center is a very clean environment; we can get the job done without contaminating the remaining mechanisms with dust or dirt. We also have the resources to track down hard-to-find parts; this can be a huge benefit if your watch is older!

Batteries and bracelet adjustment while you wait

Polish stainless steel or gold watches

Repairs and adjustments inside the watch by a Rolex trained watchmaker available

Watchmaker services include:

Clean/Oil/Regulate (COR) watch movement

Convert mechanical movement to quartz movement

New crystal

New gaskets and seals