NEWS September 2019

Stand Out And Shine With a Medlars Design

An engagement ring represents more than just a commitment to one another.

Jewelry shows your personality and style! From vintage to modern and art deco to bold, Medlars Jewel Masters can design it all.

Have you seen a ring that was almost perfect but maybe a tweak here and there would really make it “the one”? Medlars Jewel Masters can help with that!

A custom bridal set really makes your ring unique to you and who wouldn’t want a one of a kind ring!

The Full Spectrum Of Sapphires

Sapphire is one of the most popular gemstones. Few others come in a rainbow of colors. Did you know that the second most popular sapphire color is red which is ruby? And, sapphire is the next hardest gem to diamond, so it makes a great alternative for wedding rings.

Typically, sapphires are thermally enhanced to improve color, remove color zoning and improve clarity, which is permanent. A heat treated sapphire will never fade or return to its original color.

Although heating gems to alter their color goes back many hundreds of years, modern heat-treating of sapphires dates back to around 1920. Proper heat-treating requires temperatures between 930 and 3200 degrees. It wasn’t until this era that there was an oven design that could produce the consistent heat necessary.

In recent years, demand for unheated sapphires has grown dramatically. These gems of comparable size and quality sell at roughly a 30% premium to heated stones, so it’s VERY important that a G.I.A. lab report is part of any large sapphire purchase.

Heating should not be confused with other enhancements such as surface coatings that are not permanent. Also be aware of fracture filling, which infuses cracks in the gem with foreign material that can make the gem unstable when being cleaned with ultrasonic vibration and heat

Whether a sapphire is thermally enhanced or not, everyone can enjoy the plethora of colors and the smiles they bring.

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September Staff Favorites

The Greatest of the Great

This ring isn’t just another coin ring. It was designed at Medlars by Roger Huckabee. Ancient coins like this Alexander the Great Tetradrachm were struck by hand which is why even two coins struck from the same pair of dies will exhibit differences.

This is a one of a kind ring for a one of a kind coin

Timeless Timepiece

This men’s stainless steel 1977 Rolex watch is a classic, an actual collectable. I am fascinated with watch movements and I really like that it is a windup with some history to it.

Good vintage Rolex’s are hard to come by and although this one doesn’t seem glitzy like other Rolex’s, the simplicity is timeless.