Pearl Stringing

Pearl Stringing Services for San Antonio, TX

To keep your pearl necklaces and bracelets looking their best, you should have pearl stringing done on them every few years. Over time, the silk cord inside pearl jewelry gets stretched out, which allows the pearl beads to shift around. It also exposes the silk to dirt, which will start to build-up on the cord and then spread to the pearls, dampening their radiance. For professional pearl stringing services and other jewelry makeovers in the San Antonio, TX area, visit Medlars Jewel Masters. When our fine jewelry care team is finished cleaning and restringing your necklace, it will look and feel like new!

When having your pearls strung, you will need to make certain decisions, such as whether you want knots or not and whether you prefer a silk or wire string. Pearls can be strung with knots between each bead, knots placed occasionally throughout the string, or no knots at all. The benefits of knots include enhancing definition for greater beauty and providing security in the event that your string were to break. Knots tend to look best with larger beads while the absence of knots is typically used as an aesthetic choice for certain design variations.

When it comes to string, whichever material you choose, there will be many options to match the color and weight of your beads. For pearls that are heavy or have sharp edges that could cut through silk, we recommend using wire instead. Our fine jewelry care experts will customize your pearl stringing to maximize your necklace's or bracelet's look and longevity!

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