NEWS October 2020

Manipulating Precious-Metals' Puppet Strings

Allegations of precious-metals price manipulation have been under scrutiny for decades. Finally, U.S. authorities have uncovered evidence that JP Morgan Chase precious-metals and Treasury traders engaged in “spoofing” with other banks. JP Morgan Chase admitted their wrongdoing and could possibly be fined 920 million dollars.

Spoofing is an illegal form of market manipulation in which a trader places a large order to buy or sell a financial asset with no intention of executing. This creates an artificial impression of high

Apparentlly, JP Morgan Chase rogue traders would make legitimate deals, see the trades appear, and act accordingly to create distortion at the very least. It’s unlikely that these outlaw traders affected the overall precious-metals trend, but some could be looking at criminal charges.

On the subject of precious-metals trends

Gold experienced a 10% correction in September, dropping to as low as $1848. Since then it’s been marching back up again. Several years ago I called $1058 the bottom. Rogue traders or not, I personally think precious-metals trend much higher over the next three years.

Custom Jewelry Made For Men

Men’s jewelry has been a popular request this year. No longer are men wanting to sport just watches, cufflinks, and wedding bands, they are showcasing their personality with gemstones and personalized design to reflect who they really are.

Here are a few custom pieces we’ve made for some Medlars Gents.

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Wear The Rainbow

This ring makes me think of skittles, and I love candy! More people are using colored stones for their engagement rings and sapphire is ideal because of its hardness and plethora of color choices.

The stones are arranged differently from the same styles you see everywhere and this ring looks good on all skin tones.


Speaking of Candy

I would love to have this kind of treat. This is definitely a statement piece, and I believe it complements a number of outfits. Worn with jeans and a dress shirt or dressed to the 9's, the colors are subtle enough that it is truly a great accessory.

I love it so much I'm wearing it in my picture below!