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Will The Tariff Affect Jewelry Prices?

On May 9, the U.S.  listed $300 billion in Chinese products, that will soon be subject to tariffs of up to 25 percent. The list includes: diamonds, precious, semiprecious, and synthetic gemstone jewelry made of gold, silver and platinum. On May 13, Trump called for the expansion of U.S. tariffs to cover all $540 billion in Chinese imports. As Rob Bates of JCK points out, figures from the U.S. Census Bureau show that in 2018, China imported into the United States $2.09 billion in jewelry, or 15% of all U.S. jewelry imports; $233 million in diamonds.

Americans may see price increase for goods they didn’t realize originate from China. Medlars Jewel Masters is no exception. Most of our jewelry is made in the U.S and Europe, but some the tools we use and our famous green treasure box is not. Some gemstones we use might be predominantly found in China. However, unlike other jewelers, the fact that we have avoided importing any finished jewelry from China means that we will not see the need to raise any prices based on these new tariffs.

Seneca Collection - Exclusively at Medlars Jewel Masters

The Seneca collection focuses on the hand made craftsmanship of the B.C. period.

"Bonding that old technology to a new one gives hope that new digital creativity can be a great artistic path"

October Staff Favorites

A Citrine Dream

I chose this yellow gold citrine diamond ring because of how intricate the design is. The citrine stone makes it glow of gold so it truly is an eye catching ring.

It also has some regal details on the side of the stones that is complimented with diamonds. The perfect ring that’s versatile with the seasons.

Robust Rubies

Holidays are coming. Most people spend the rest of the year wearing subtle jewelry. Well, this Ruby and diamond ring really stands out.

I like that it looks like a present on the finger! The color is beautiful and it looks great on my finger....right, Chapman?