NEWS November 2019

Join Medlars Jewel Masters for our 19th Annual Customer Appreciation Party.

December 4th 5:00pm to 8:30pm

Enjoy delicious hors d'oeuvres, champagne and wine, courtesy valet, and best of all 15% off jewelry*

RSVP call 210-342-5191 or click to RSVP by email

RSVP appreciated but not required

*Exclusions apply

Time Is Running Out!

But don't worry because there is still a little bit of time left for you to get a custom jewelry design made in time for the holidays. Gather your ideas and any gemstones or precious metals you can reuse and contact us. Or you can just come in and one of our knowledgeable sales staff will work with you on a design and make it real.

At the risk of sounding like a pushy salesman, if you're thinking about having a custom design made for Christmas, I urge you to come in ASAP.

Christmas is only about 7 weeks away!

During a typical Christmas rush, the length of time needed to complete a setting can easily lengthen by three weeks, making completion potentially 6 weeks from the time of design approval.

The following is a typical timeline
(during normal business for a custom design requiring gem setting)

Step 1.  Design time: 1 week
Step 2.  Wax Creation: 3 days
Step 3.  Casting: 1 day
Step 4.  Setting: 1-3 weeks
Step 5.  Appraisal: 4 days

Total time: 3.5 - 6 weeks from design approval

Importantly, this timeline is based without delays in design approval and assumes no queuing at any given step. Designs with gem setting are ALWAYS in queue.

**Our Elves are Already Very Busy!**

We never want to miss a promised delivery date so the sooner you can come in, the better!


Chapman Stout

Genuine Alexander the Great Custom Pendant

Exclusively at Medlars Jewel Masters

"There is nothing impossible to him who will try"

-Alexander the Great

Accomplish great things wearing a genuine tetradrachm ancient coin depicting Alexander in the guise of the demi-god Heracles (wearing a lion scalp), and on the reverse the seated figure of the supreme Greek god Zeus.

The ancient process of minting coins ensures that this is a genuinely unique ancient coin mounted in an 18kt gold diamond accented bezel designed by our own Roger Huckabee and finished by our second generation jeweler Rodney Rapp.

What is the Seneca Collection?

Medlars Jewel Masters Seneca collection focuses on the hand made craftsmanship of the B.C. period combining genuine one of a kind ancient coins with modern day custom jewelry making technology.

November Staff Favorites

Unique Tourmaline

This necklace has a tourmaline stone. At first I didn’t even realize it was tourmaline which to me, makes it an amazing pendant and a great conversation starter. The diamonds that halo it are the perfect size to compliment the tourmaline stone.

I also like the shape of the whole piece. I can see this as a great necklace for all seasons.

Ruben Narvaez - Bench Jeweler

Iridescent Mother of Pearl

These earrings are so unique! I really haven’t seen anything like them. The teardrop shape mother of pearl that is accentuated by an elongated rose gold ear wire. The shapes really make a standout piece.

I imagine this to be there perfect accessory on those days where you want to look put together, but no time. Pop these in your ear and you’ll look polished!

Karen Manka - Customer Service