Laser Engraving

Jewelry Engraving Services in San Antonio, TX

The practice of making jewelry is as old as the first recorded presence of humans on the planet and the engraving of these items can be dated all the way back to prehistoric times.

Engraving is a simple process but it makes a piece of jewelry priceless. Our laser engraver allows us to produce almost any text, graphic, or image on almost any material.

Engravings on jewelry can be as simple as inscribing your initials on your wedding rings or something as complex as an intricate filigree design on a locket or vintage watch. Engraving should be special, personal, and beautiful and your options for personalization are endless.

About Laser Engraving

Engraving is the action of marring the surface of an item in order to create a design on the object. We provide laser engraving services where we use a high-powered laser beam that allows for permanent, highly detailed, and extremely precise work. With laser engraving, you have the ability to select a completely custom and totally unique design - and it will turn out exactly the way you want it to.

  • Laser engraving does not pose a risk to other parts of the jewelry (such as gemstones or watch faces) so there is no worry about damage
  • Engravings done with modern laser technology yield beautiful work which lasts longer than traditional engraving and also can be done on a wider range of metals
  • The intensity of the laser determines how deep the engraving will be - giving you the option to have single or multiple dimensional engravings
  • Almost any type of metal can be engraved on precious metals such as gold to tougher metals such as steel
  • Laser engraving allows for engraving on semi-precious stones, gemstones, diamonds, glass, and more

If you have any questions about laser engraving, feel free to get in touch with our jewelry designers today. We can answer any questions you have about customizing your jewelry with engravings.