Jewelry Repair & Restoration

Bring back memories and restore value.

Thanks to the combination of age-old artisan techniques, precision technology, and equipment other jewelers don’t have, our repair and restoration services leave your treasures looking like the way you remember. We know how special your jewelry is to you. All fine jewelry repairs are done in-house by Master Jewelers and craftsmen. We are fully insured and U.L. certified. All work stations are digitally recorded 24/7. The only thing more important than your jewelry is your trust in us.

If you are getting married or are handing down an engagement or wedding ring to a loved one, let the jewelry restoration experts at Medlars restore your wedding bands to their former glory. From centuries-old heirlooms to alternative jewelry using our cutting-edge technology, Medlars can restore or repair almost anything. Contact us today for wedding jewelry, vintage jewelry, and more!

Jewelry Makeovers

Did you know jewelry is reusable?

If you no longer wear it, you can redesign it. Combine several items into one or make a single item into many more.

Re-use gemstones to create something new, keeping the loving memory of a sentimental piece alive.

With the same vision and technology we use for custom design, Medlars can give your jewelry wardrobe a makeover by redesigning old pieces into reflections of your personal style and something you will love to wear.

Before and After