NEWS December 2019

My Secret Santa

When I started working at Medlars Jewel Masters, I knew very little about jewelry, let alone, own much of it. Being around such beautiful items all day really gets a girl dreaming. I would walk around the store saying “Okay, THIS is my favorite, wait, no, this one!” while trying it all on, of course. Ultimately, I did have my favorites. I never realized the confidence and uniqueness jewelry could give you.

My first Christmas at Medlars, I received a little green box, with a gold bow, from my boyfriend. I thought, well, that wrapping paper looks familiar. When I opened it, I screamed! The very Perlé diamond necklace I drooled about, was looking right at me. I realized the little elves at Medlars reached out to my boyfriend and whispered what I had my eye on. I never suspected a thing!

Last year’s Holiday Party where my secret Santa saw me trying on this gorgeous rose gold morganite ring. Little did I know, the Medlars elves were at it again! I received that gorgeous and unique piece from Medlars.

Last month I had an anniversary. I, of course, should have caught on by now. But a surprise is called that for a reason. I had fallen in love with a pair of gold huggie earrings. They seemed simple to wear everyday but truly elevated every outfit. And there they were, in a box hidden for me to find. I am so thankful that Medlars employees make a note to make every interaction special. Seeing a Medlars box for the holidays or special occasions, makes memories I’ll never forget.

The moral of the story is....
Come out to our Holiday Party and let the Medlars elves take care of you! They know best after all.

December Staff Favorites

Back to Black - Pearl Necklace

I created this south sea pearl and diamond necklace with the 1920s era in mind. It was a delicate look that transcends down to this stunning black pearl. The lavaliere effect is one of my favorites that was popularized by Tiffany and Cartier decades ago and I wanted to put my take on a classic look.

Roger Huckabee, GIA Diamond Graduate, Master Jeweler

A Linear Plane of Luminescence

I just love taking something as classic and beautiful as iridescent white mother of pearl and adding a touch of modern. I would normally pick white gold but I think this is best looking with yellow gold with just enough diamond accents to make it pop.

Leanna Murphy, GIA AJP, Director of Digital Marketing.