Custom Jewelry Design

Make your vision a reality

Custom jewelry from Medlars Jewel Masters blends Old World craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology to create one-of-a-kind designs that are perfectly executed.

Whether you are looking for a unique style or want to create a piece of jewelry for your loved one with a special meaning behind it, the team at Medlars Jewel Masters can help. Our custom jewelers work closely with our clients to help them create beautiful engagement rings, wedding jewelry, and more.

Sure you can look through dozens of designer's books, but chances are you'll find a few pieces that speak to you rather than just one. When you choose our custom jewelry design services, we can take your ideas, make changes to an existing design, and create a truly custom piece. Our design software allows us to tweak different elements including the size, shape, metal, and other materials in order to create beautiful, wearable pieces.

Do you have the perfect engagement ring in mind? Are you unable to find what you are looking for? Our talented, custom jewelers will be able to create the perfect ring. Need wedding jewelry to match? We can help you with that too! We can also assist with jewelry engraving to top off your custom piece. With our custom jewelry design services, the possibilities are endless. Stop in and see us today or give our friendly associates a call.

The Process of Custom Design

Step 1
At our first custom design consultation, we’ll focus on your ideas and goals and draw a rough sketch of your piece. Then, using virtual reality software, we’ll convert the sketch to a three-dimensional, full-color image.

Step 2
The second consultation enables you to see a virtual representation of your custom jewelry. You will see your design in color from multiple angles, study the style and metal work, and have a chance to make any necessary adjustments. When you are satisfied that the design is right, we’ll begin crafting your dream into reality.

Step 3
Once your design is created in wax to your precise specifications (using a 3D printer or milling machine), we’ll have you view it in person. This will allow you to see your design in its exact scale. Then we’ll pour investment (similar to plaster of Paris) around the wax in a metal cylinder, and when dry, place it in a special oven.

As it heats, the wax will melt away, leaving an exact reproduction of your piece inside the plaster. Afterwards, we’ll use a centrifuge to force super-heated, liquid precious metals into the plaster cavity. Once everything cools, we’ll break open the plaster, exposing the raw casting. It’s now ready to finish, polish, and set the gems using a tool called the Graver-Max that allows us to do very complicated settings with unparalleled accuracy.

The Final Product

When the process is finished, we’ll present you with a one-of-a-kind piece of heirloom-quality jewelry that meets your exact specifications. As a bonus, we’ll also appraise the piece for your insurance company.

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