NEWS August 2019

Custom Design Promotion During August!

    This offer includes:

  • Private consultations
  • A detailed cost estimate
  • Up to two design changes
  • Wax model creation for your approval
  • Casting and assembly
  • Gem setting
  • All finishing
  • Quality control inspections
  • An appraisal and photograph of your piece for insurance purposes
  • Our comprehensive 2-year warranty

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30 Years And Going Strong

I can truly say that Joann is not only my love but my very best friend. I can also say 30 years have gone by faster than spring in San Antonio.

Our journey together started in the mountains of Oregon and migrated first to Round Rock, then Austin, where our daughter Madison was born, and finally San Antonio. Like every relationship there’s been a lot of great times and a few rough ones but no matter how rough, our commitment, our friendship, never wavered.

Our common thread is neither of us being good at living our lives with predictability. So enjoying a cocktail in our pool about a year ago, we realized we’d been living in the same house for 16 years and it was time to try something different. So from a beautiful home with the best neighbors in the world, we moved to a high rise condominium on the River Walk ready to start the next 30 years together.

The Longest Tenured Employee at Medlars Jewel Masters

When 4 o’clock hits at Medlars Jewel Masters we can always count on the door opening from Roger Hernandez our longest tenured employee at Medlars Jewel Masters. We refer to him as Hernandez to differentiate between him and Roger Huckabee who is our second longest tenure employee.

Roger Hernandez started at the original location downtown in Alamo Plaza next to the famous Menger hotel. When Medlars began as a coin shop back around 1973, they needed help with daily upkeep and that’s where Roger’s relationship with Medlars began.

Hernandez has brought us all smiles, and not just because when he comes we know the end of the day is near, but because in his own words, “This store is like a family, we all get to know each other and stay with each other for a long time”. We even gave him a special welcome back from medical leave. A little fun goes a long way for showing someone how much you appreciate them.

Not to mention the stories he tells from when he worked at the “haunted” Menger hotel. His reminiscence takes us back to a forgotten era in San Antonio along with all the old socialite gossip and there is no shortage of that!

Medlars Jewel Masters has been a part of San Antonio for decades and our very own Roger Hernandez has been with the store through it all.

Think Pink!

This necklace is an awesome piece! It takes a lot of patience and expertise to smoothly transistion from white diamonds to light pink sapphires and then onto rich pink sapphires. Imagine the light hitting this pendant from different directions.

This pendant will make a perfect addition to any collection.

Diamond Jaw Dropper

Okay so these earrings are a part of diamond set that is for a perfect, and I mean unforgettable occasion.

The set is made with such intricate details with a combined weight of over 10 carats in diamonds. And the double row diamond hinged hoop top is not only attractive but secure too. What more can you ask for?

If you want people to stop and say "Wow!" or maybe a mouth drop, then this is the set for you!