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A love that is admirable and inspiring

There are four types of love according to the Greeks.

  • Philiá: A friendship type of love.
  • Érós: Attributed to lust and affection.
  • Philautia: Self-love but taken in a negative light and associated with vanity.
  • Agápē: The highest form of love that requires courage, strength, and sacrifice. This love “goes beyond the emotions to the extent of seeking the best of others". There truly is no other love described for a mother’s love that gives with no expectations.

Memoriable Moments With My Mom

Leanna's Mom Memory

When my mom, sister and I get together we can be quite silly. It's known that my mom has small eyes. When I was a teen she tried so hard to wear contacts but by the time she finally got them in, her eyes were totally stretched out.

Last November we took a selfie and commented on how small my mom's eyes were. In our jovial laughter, I captured a picture of her being completely silly by putting her glasses on and opening her eyes to look ridiculous. She'd die if she knew I was sharing this but it's priceless.

We laughed till we cried!

Roger's Mom Memory

One of my memories with my mom is something you'd see in a movie. With my dad's work, we traveled the world and she did an amazing job of controlling 4 rowdy boys and still giving us the opportunity to take in the different cultures.

This one time in particular, while in Hong Kong, my older brother and I found mischief at a restaurant we were eating at as a family. In our adventures, we managed to get in the restaurant kitchen and underfoot of the women working in there. They were, of course, furious and yelling at us in Chinese which we didn't understand. My mom came to our rescue. She was amazing!

Chapman's Mom Memory

First, it is important for you to know that my mother is a baseball crazy. While the Cubs have always been number 1, depending on where she is living, she makes room for regional runner ups. Since she now lives in Texas, she never misses watching an Astros or Ranger game. Mom was a depression baby and while growing up, moved all over the country as her dad tried to find work.

Until her frailty made it impossible, we would take an annual vacation together and visit one of the many places she'd lived. One year it was to El Dorado, Kansas. We found her grandmother’s home where the whole family lived, lots of family history and even a road named after her grandfather. It happened that the Rangers were playing the Royals in Kansas City. I surprised her with Ranger hats and jerseys and 2nd-row tickets behind the 1st base. We traded good-hearted insults with the Royals fans and shrieked with joy when the Rangers won.

The COVID-19 Effect On Precious Metals

We noticed an uptick in precious metal sales since the virus began moving into Europe. When a surge in cases in Washington state made it clear that COVID-19 was in America, sales of gold and silver surged to levels we haven’t seen since the banking crises of 2007-2008.

Delivery times lengthened dramatically. Spreads between bid and ask for the underlying spot metal prices widened to levels we’ve never seen before and premiums for the individual products spiked.

As of this writing, precious metals are available albeit with substantial delivery delays. The big motivator for people buying gold and silver has been universal.

Saving America’s workforce and businesses are critically important but how are we going to pay for it?

We already have a huge deficit. Will trillions helicopter cash finally bring the hyperinflation we’ve all been worried about?